Hello - I'm very pleased to meet you!

I seem to spend a lot of my time living in my head and trying to write, which is a strange but quite comforting place to be. The rest of the time is divided fairly unequally between work (too much)  and play (not enough). Formerly a Whitehall Civil Servant, I now work in Forest Row, in East Sussex, a small town in what is affectionately known as the “weird Weald”. I am lucky enough to live by the sea with my  husband, one now sadly bereaved cat  and intermittently present children.

Angels of Islington, which is my first novel, is part of a trilogy which uses fantasy and black humour to explore the wide ranging philosophical and theological issues relating to free-will, dualism, the nature of divinity and the essence of humanity. Many moons ago, I studied philosophy and politics at the University of Durham and I now have come to regard myself as religiously agnostic – but deeply interested in the power of belief to motivate acts of both perfect kindness and the most appalling cruelty.

“Angels” is built upon a rigorous body of research; I decided that I wanted to bring some substance to a fantastical creation by working  with a pantheon of supernatural beings created from mankind’s most established theologies and belief systems. All of the Angels you will encounter within the book have back-stories buried deep within Hebraic, Islamic or Christina theology. I also owes much to those earlier explorers of the Underworld – Virgil and Dante Alighieri.